Volunteer Programs

The Rashi School, located on our NewBridge campus, offers an academically challenging K-8 education in an environment infused with Jewish values. Encouraging questions and open conversations, Rashi's joyfully Jewish approach to learning helps children engage with the world and grow into the people they can become. 25 Residents from Independent Living make their way over to the Rashi School each week to volunteer in Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms, provide one-on-one reading support for children, and help out in the school library.

Several residents also donate their time to support the learning needs of students at The Avery School, a Dedham Public Elementary School for children in grades 1-5. In the Spring of 2012, The Avery School will move to a brand new facility that is provides comfortable access for varied physical needs and comfortable working space for residents and students to learn together.

For information about Volunteer Opportunities, please contact Multigenerational Program Coordinator, Lynda Bussgang at 781-234-9217 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ask Your Friends: The following people have been volunteering in these schools during the 2011-2012 academic year:

  • John Averell 
  • Edna Bello 
  • Jay Berkson
  • Caroline Bloomfield
  • Julian Bussgang 
  • Buddy Cohen 
  • Leonora Feeney
  • Richard Feffer
  • Charlotte Feldman 
  • Sybil Gladstone
  • Len Green 
  • Pearl Gottlieb
  • Eleanor Henkoff
  • Roz Holt 
  • Sheila Klein
  • Bernice Krupp 
  • Lenore Lipworth
  • Cynthia Markle
  • Barbara Rosenfield
  • Mary Rosenfield 
  • Joe Sabbath 
  • Herb Schwedock
  • Fran Shaer
  • Gladys Sklar
  • Leo Stolbach
  • Ed Waxman
  • Joan Weinstein
  • Frankie Wolff
  • Adelle Zimbel