Food Committee

NAME: Food Committee
CHAIRPERSON(S): Rotating Chairs
CONTACT INFO: Brenda Keegan
MISSION: The NewBridge Food Committee, as an advisory group, works in concert with the food and beverage staff to provide both feedback from Independent Living residents and guidance to the staff in order to ensure excellence in the preparation and service of meals.

Meetings: The Food Committee meets on the first Wednesday of every month. The meetings of the Committee are not open to the public.

Members: There are nine resident members of the Food Committee, serving rotating three-year terms. Residents are invited to apply for membership every August for three vacancies which will occur in October, the beginning of the new membership year. Chairs of NILMA or their appointees are guests-in-attendence at each meeting. The present membership (as of October 1, 2019) is:

Brenda Keegan, Chair

John Averell

Jay Berkson

Len Green

Carol Halfon

Art Luskin

Benita Ross

Aaron Spencer

Prue Thorner