Welcome to the NewBridge Residents Website

The Volunteer Outreach Committee has started a new project: Welcome Home. This organization collects and distributes household items (listed below) for people leaving homeless shelters and transitioning to an apartment. 

Welcome Home accepts new and gently used home goods in good working condition.
Please don't contribute items with stains, tears or chips. All appliances should be in working condition.
If dropping off sheets, please make sure they are clean, folded, and labeled with their sizes. 

Welcome Home does not accept furniture.

Please call Barbara Naditch (4-2271), Ann Moll (4-2403), Judy Brown (4-2227), or Judy Weinberg (4-2451) for pickup at your apartment. Also, ask family or friends to contribute.

Items in Greatest Need Items We Accept Items We Don't Accept

 Fry  pans


 Kitchen appliances  Anything torn, stained,
  chipped, frayed, not
 Sheet sets (all sizes)  Pots/pans  Baby items
 Kitchen utensils  Baking dishes/sheets  Bed skirts
 Small appliances  Mixing bowls  Books
   Kitchen utensils  Clothing
   Silverware  Computer equipment
   Gasses/mugs  Duvets
   Plates/bowls  Hangars
   Tablecloths/ place
  mats/cloth napkins
 Mattress pads
   Dish towels/oven mits  Tea cups & saucers
   Food storage containers  Toys
   Mops/brooms/vacuums  Vases
   Bedding, including
  blankets, comforters/
 Wine glasses
   New pillows  
   Rugs (no larger than 8 x 10)  
   Shower curtains  
   Bath mats and bath towels  
   Lamps & clocks  
   Wall hangings