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Instructions to Request a Library Book or DVD
1.  Search the NewBridge Library Catalog: CLICK HERE
2.  Search using key words like history, fiction, or a specific title or author
3.  Fill out a request form by clinking the following: CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM
Note: To request a book and a DVD you have to fill out two separate forms
  • Your request will be sent automatically to a member of the NBOC Library Staff.

  • If the book or DVD is available it will be left in your mail bag on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday.

  • If the book is not available a member of the library staff will let you know and will help you make another selection.
  • To return a book or DVD simply place it in your outgoing mail bag.

  • Please return any overdue library materials you may have.

  • Note: instructions to make a request by phone are being delivered with tonight's dinner.